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H2O Projects

Pool windows, underwater windows

H2O Projects  deals in direction of the acrylic technology industry. H2O Projects designs, manufactures and installs a variety of acrylic windows and pool walls that offer spectacular views.

Types of windows

Acrylic panels for swimming pools can be divided most simply into two unique categories, three-side and four-side
Possible design of windows
Any other custom design? You are welcome to request!
Possible edge types (for 3-side support types)
krawiedzi okien basenowych

Dimensions of windows and thickness

próbki grubości paneli akrylowych
The choice of material thickness is a function of water column height, opening width and glazing installation method. Higher water columns and wider widths require thicker acrylic. Three-sided supports also require thicker material than four-sided supports. On request, the thickness for a specific project can be determined and manufactured according to your pool design.
próbka akrylowa

What we offer

projekt basenu z oknem akrylowym 3SS z przelewem wody
produkowanie, obróbka akrylu
rysunek okna basenowego
projekt basenu z oknem basenowym krztalt L
polerowanie okna basenowego

- Design from client / consultant / architector
- Design by H2O Projects.

- Sourcing of material
- Full process of cutting, milling, bonding, polishing, etc.
rozladunek paneli akrylowej
zaladunek okien basenowych
- Prepare of material, packing
- Delivery of product to client
montaż okna basenowego
montaż okna basenowego
Installation on site
- Installation of windows
- Supporting works (facelift)
- Expendable materials
polerowanie okna basenowego
przezroczystość okna basenowego
- Repair works of old projects
- Guarantee and afterguarantee support
- Polishing and renovation

Examples of project execution and final view

Advantages of acrylic vs glass

- Much lighter in weight (acrylic 1: 2 toughened glass 2: 2)
- Easy to process
- Isolates better, meaning no condensation
- Solid, and therefore won't delaminate
- 10% more transparent and colorless
- 20 times stronger, and thus safer
- More impact resistant (breaks at point load)
- Possible to have very large panels
L krztalt chemiczne lączenie paneli akrylowych

Typical scheme of pool windows  

Dimensions form h2o.png

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