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H2O Projects - konstrukcje akrylowe

Acrylic architecture

What we offer

The clarity of proprietary acrylic has created a unique experience in water parks and aquatic facilities around the world, providing fun and memories for both visitor and observer. Our acrylic can be molded and combined into any shape and size, giving architects and water park designers complete freedom in terms of the thrill of adventurers.

Excellent performance and a variety of colors, thicknesses, patterns and countless performance options make acrylic an ideal material for architectural applications. Glass-like features of transparency, brilliance and transparency, but half as lighter and highly impact-resistant, are an ideal component for water projects.

Our company offers rapid design and construction solutions that were previously considered technologically unsolvable to make your water park the most visited and recognizable place both regionally and internationally, among others that represent water infrastructure. We produce, deliver and make installation of differentacrylic pool windows, underwater windows, acrylic tanks.

Together with our partners, we are ready to consider any project, even the most daring one.

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