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H2O Projects

Public aquariums and zoo


From the largest acrylic aquarium panels in the world to private cylinders for residential aquariums, we have the experience and knowledge to get a complex project right. Our engineering team has over decades of experience in the custom acrylic industry and can work with your designers to make your project feasible.

This gives our customers the freedom to dream big for their newest aquariums, while our engineering team can make recommendations on engineering solutions to reduce costs. We have the experience to think through all aspects of the production of custom acrylic aquarium panels to address any feasibility issues before production begins. This allows our clients to make any necessary adjustments to their construction plans well before construction drawings are completed and keep the entire project on schedule.


Custom Acrylic Aquariums and Pool Panels come in all shapes and sizes. We have the ability and experience to mold our acrylic in many directions to create: spheres, barrel shapes, trumpet shapes, cones, curved pipes, curved tunnels and more. Our ability and experience to supply multi-radius shapes allows designers the freedom to shape their aquariums into unprecedented designs. From freestanding underwater dome rooms to 360 degree tunnel assemblies, zoos and aquariums now provide visitors with views and experiences unlike anything the world has ever seen.

Aquarium and zoo designers constantly strive to bring visitors as close as possible to the animals for a truly immersive experience. Custom cast and molded acrylic panels offer the unparalleled ability to do this in a truly unique way.

Design, production, installation, service

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