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Acrylic aquarium tanks

Historically, glass was used in the manufacture of aquariums, but in the last 50 years, acrylic has replaced it and has become a very popular material for making aquariums.
These tanks quickly became popular because not only they were lighter than their predecessors, but they were also easier to manufacture. Currently on the shelves of pet stores among aquariums of a relatively small size, you can find aquariums made of both glass and acrylic. But when it comes to choosing a large sized tank, acrylic tanks mostly is used in production.

What about positive characteristics of acrylic aquariums?

There are many reasons why people prefer to choose acrylic aquariums instead of glass ones:

- lighter;
- more stable;
- it is easier to make holes in them for various communications;
- such aquariums can be curved;
- more airtight.

In terms of weight, acrylic aquariums weigh are lighter in half  from their glass competitors. For example, an 80 liter acrylic tank weighs about 8 kg, which is about half the weight of a glass aquarium of the same volume.

Another important advantage of acrylic aquariums is that they are much stronger than glass ones. Some brand name manufacturers even claim that their aquariums are 17 times stronger than regular glass aquariums. Acrylic aquariums have greater mechanical strength and are less sensitive to shock than glass aquariums.

If you keep tropical fish, you may be interested to know that acrylic tanks retain heat much better than glass tanks, although this can be disregarded if you have cold water fish.

Acrylic aquariums can retain heat up to 20% better than glass aquariums, which means your acrylic aquarium heater will work less stressfully. However, this may not be such a big plus in reef tanks, where there are more problems with cooling the tank than with insulating it.


Acrylic aquarium design and shapes

and many more... Your own design? Please contact me.

Gallery of acrylic tanks, acrylic aquariums

Another variety of aquariums that we offer are aquariums (containers) with one or two viewing windows, manufactured from fiber glass which should be built into the walls of buildings or used as containers for koi fish (Latin: Cyprinus carpio haematopterus) - this is a decorative breed of fish bred from various subspecies of carp Amur ponds in order to use them as a decorative element of home ponds.

Our company is ready to implement projects for the manufacture of aquariums of various configurations. Just send us dimensions and we will calculate suitable thickness of material and general costs of production. 

Please contact  by email or phone for a free quote and consultation

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